was established in 2011 by Jill Alexander. Jill previously worked with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries across Queensland as a Grazing Management Extension Officer. Her work ranged from pasture management trials through to ground-truthing carrying capacity models and developing training workshops for landholders.

 delivers industry-accredited training in grazing land management and offers follow-up support to Western Downs grazing businesses to help devise customised strategies that suit the land types and climatic conditions in which they operate, to improve property carrying capacity and meet animal performance targets. Jill works collaboratively with a network of industry specialists to provide scientifically backed, independent management advice, and to contribute to whole-of-business management plans.

Feedbase coaching program

About the program

The Feedbase coaching program is provides graziers a unique opportunity to access on-farm support and training. Commencing with the Grazing fundamentals EDGE workshop, participants will then move on to the program which encourages trying new ideas on-farm and uses specialist coaches to provide longer-term support and guidance.  Ultimately, the program strives to support producers to make on-farm changes which will drive productivity and profitability and have measurable and tangible impacts.  

What you will learn

This Feedbase coaching program will focus on:

1.     optimising feed grown per mm of rainfall, 
2.     optimising feed utilisation, 
3.     tactics to manage seasonal variability, 
4.     meeting animal requirements to achieve production targets, and 

5.     making cost-effective decisions around feed gaps and feed surpluses.  

Consisting of a mixture of paddock workshops, webinars and individual on-property coaching sessions, the program operates over a 12-month period.  Individual coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to get support to work on issues which are specific to your own operation.  Throughout the program, you will also be sent relevant email updates, management tools and information sheets.

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Grazing fundamentals EDGE - 1 day

The Grazing fundamentals EDGE has been designed to give you a broad understanding of the components of the grazing production system and the core, scientifically-backed principles behind optimizing grazing land productivity. It looks at the local influences on pasture yield and quality and how seasonal planning and strategic management can be used to achieve land condition and animal production goals.

What you will learn:

  • Environmental regulators of pasture growth and quality
  • Local, seasonal pasture growth patterns
  • Key decision dates for reviewing feed supply and stock numbers
  • How soil properties influence pasture growth
  • Land condition and how this impacts on carrying capacity
  • Principles behind successful grazing systems
  • How to account for different classes of grazing animals when assessing grazing pressure
  • What’s involved with forage budgeting

Grazing land management EDGE - 2 days

Grazing Land Management EDGE has been designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the grazing land environment in which you operate. It will provide you with the knowledge you need to strategically manage your grazing business so that you can optimise and condition your productivity in the long-term. The workshop discusses seasonal pasture growth patterns, soil, pasture, land condition, managing the tree-grass balance, using fire, sown pastures, managing weeds and grazing management.

Nutrition EDGE - 3 days

Nutrition EDGE takes a comprehensive look at ruminant nutrition. It is designed to equip you to make decisions that ultimately help to achieve your herd performance targets through improved breeder fertility, weight gains, optimal use of supplements and overall management. The topics covered include the digestive system of ruminants, pasture growth and quality, how to manage supply of nutrients from pasture to grazing animals, identifying mineral and vitamin deficiencies, supplementation and associated economics, understanding feed labels and cost comparisons between supplements.

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On-property work

- Land and forage condition assessment,- Carrying capacity assessment, - Forage budgeting,        - Grazing management and feed year planning,                - Paddock rehabilitation, and - On-property demonstration trials.